Collection Pics & Fashion Ideals


Here are some updated pics of my collection. The couture dress needs an insane iron, I just get way too paranoid about ironing boning because it changes the shape of things. I was thinking of slitting the sequin mesh skirt just to give it some more movement and maybe some put some flapper-like beading detail on the top of the arms. I put straps on the little cocktail dress, I love it, hopefully I get a model with some boobage to fill it out nicely. Forgive the lack of face lately, I took these photos at some ungodly hour after working through nights. My favorite pick-me up for tired days is definitely Vichy Thermal Spa Water, just a spritz to a fresh face. I also love the Garnier Caffeine Eye Roll-On, it really does wake you up and get rid of those bags. Speaking of primping, I'm very keen to jump back into spa visits, especially since I found out my spa does Minx nails. I've always been obsessed with nail art, it just adds a touch of something extra.

 Alexander McQueen Angel Shoes

I'm really interested in developing accessories after college. I do want to sell clothing commercially, a lot of people want to become a grand couturier but I think there's so much fun to be had with commercial things, the market is bigger and you can add some edge here and there. I love the drama of high fashion but I enjoy translating it into something still interesting but wearable. The fun comes in when you have some drama and some basic to pull a look together. I used to dream of going out to gigs in floor-length satin dresses. 

It's a shame to only be able to wear dramatic things to special occasions. In my ideal world, I would wear the craziest things to run errands in, grocery shopping in McQueen angel shoes and Viktor & Rolf couture. A lot of the time when I dress I feel like I have to tailor it to normality. I have an overdressing problem at times but the underdressing problem is worse. I hate wearing staples day in and out but as with most girls, when you're in a rush, you sacrifice fashion for just putting on some clothes and getting out the door. 

I love to calculate a look, add a necklace here, take off a bracelet there, try on a few different shoes, decide what make up compliments the outfit or what jacket to put on...but I only get a few days a month when I wake up early enough to dress up for the day. I must change this, usually I make sure if the outfit is basic, I can quickly jazz it up with heels but I really want to execute some looks. Gotta live up to being Safashiongirl, haha!

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