Elle New Talent Photography Awards 2010


Mike and Jasna

Last night I went to the Elle New Talent Photography Awards after my last few fittings with the male models. The Lightbox was a gorgeous venue, at first I wasn't delighted that it was raining but the 360º view of a misty Cape Town was spectacular. They had beautiful umbrella light installations as well as cameras to play with that were hanging from the ceiling. I finally got to meet the lovely FashionJazz and her gorgeous rings. We sipped the never-ending champagne (dangerous!) and talked about blogging.

Speaking at the event, ELLE editor Jackie Burger said, “From this competition, we’ve really seen that South Africa has incredible raw talent. The ability to conceptualise and implement so effectively and also be able to capture an audience through strong and fresh ways shows true creativity of these young minds.” The talent on show was indeed fantastic and in the end Freddie Child-Villiers walked away with the prize and deservedly so, here's a peek at some of his work:

Child-Villiers won the latest innovation in camera equipment and accessories from Samsung, which include the NX10 Hybrid Camera, a Samsung R730 Notebook, and a Samsung XL2370 monitor. He will also receive on-the-job training with ELLE Magazine, where he will assist ELLE photographers on all editorial shoots scheduled for a three-month period. Child-Villiers will also get to do an editorial shoot to be published in ELLE Magazine in one of the 2011 issues of ELLE so look out for his work!

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