The Fashion Party of the Year at the One & Only


Wow, it's been so busy this week! Between events, the fashion show, graduating and a concert thrown in I haven't had two minutes to myself. I tired to set this week up so as to get some much needed posting in but it's been filling up way too quickly. I'm very excited to share my fashion show with you guys but I need to wait for all the press to come through first.  

On Thursday I attended The Fashion Party of the Year at the One & Only presented by Chivas. I went with designer Matthew Britten, the press pic of me is awful but Matthew looks great so I thought I had to share it. I've interviewed him for an upcoming post, he's just getting some new photos of his work together for it. Matt was such a gentleman, I fell off of my insanely high nude heels at the event and he picked me up and put my shoe back on. I had to run and get a band aid from reception after a little knee scrape but no biggie, I mean beauty is pain. Also Matt wins the award for best date ever. I can't wait to order clothes from his label next year.

The event was organised by the fantastic PR company known as The Little Black Book and they did such a great job so I'm very excited to go to their One & Only Pool Parties that launch in December. The party kicked off with a red carpet and welcome drinks before the lobby quickly filled up with guests. It was quite funny for Matthew and I because the models that had just worn our designs for the FEDISA Graduate Show the night before were there modeling for Callaghan and Fabiani. "Isn't that Lucca?!"

It was a star-studded evening with local celebrities including Gina Athens, Tracy McGregor, Michelle Mclean and designer Parisha Chetty to name a few. The Callaghan and Fabiani fashion presentations were unique featuring the models posing on the staircase or lounging on couches until making their way around the room for some interactive viewing.

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I had a lovely evening and can't wait for the next Little Black Book event!

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