Fashion Show Music Choice Runner Ups


* I wrote this post a couple months ago before the FEDISA Graduate Collection Show. I'm going to share a video recording of my collection in my next post so I thought it would be interesting to see the process I went through before choosing the right runway music. I was pretty dead set on Your Woman by White Town at the beginning of 3rd year but as the year progressed I thought Come On Closer by Jem fit the collection better. Then as they say, life happens and mere weeks before the show a friend introduced me to a song he was obsessing over and I also became obsessed so the final song ended up not being on this list at all. And to think, I seemed so sure...I call it fate.

I narrowed down the songs with the following thoughts; Yoo Hoo was a great walking song but didn't fit, Koop Island Blues was a bit too jazzy, Bad Things would just remind people of True Blood, Volcano girls lacked the sultry vibe and Rama Lama Bang Bang is brilliant but too industrial sounding for my range. A few people told me Your Woman's trumpet reminded them of Star Wars so I was left with Jem. Then I luckily stumbled across the real winner; the final song I used turned out to be the perfect mix of what I was aiming for: sexy with an edge. ;) *

So we recently had a briefing about what music to choose for our fashion show. I've been excited to choose my collection music since first year, it really ties everything together. Runway music is so important to the feel of the collection, you want to create an impact but not overshadow the clothes. I had a few songs in mind. Which do you prefer?

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