Final fittings


I've been so busy with fittings, events and social gatherings so it's great to have a little downtime to blog, watch some series and do a little hand sewing. Today I saw the running order for the fashion show and shed a little tear when I heard my collection song on my Ipod. I feel so happily overwhelmed with the culmination of everything. The FEDISA fashion show is in exactly a week. I appreciate putting in all that work for those 2 minutes on the runway. It's magical. Life is about moments. We don't remember days, we remember moments when there was nothing else in the world but what was happening right then. 

I had a moment I wanted to be locked in forever a couple days ago when I fell asleep at 6 am, talking until the sun came up. I turned off the lights to see the sun come through my windows. This summer is going to be wild. Today I bought an amazing glam floppy hat and striped bandeau bikinis. I can't wait to lounge on a lilo with huge sunglasses and magazines galore. My friends tell me they have never met a more girly girl. I'm enjoying it because I used to keep that side of me locked away in DIY Sid Vicious padlock necklaces.  

What did you used to dress like as a teenager?

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