Halloween Fun


Halloween was so much fun, every year South Africans seem to get into it more and more because who doesn't love a dress up day? I had three trick or treaters and I was so excited to give them the candy I had left over from the party. I remember going trick or treating when I was younger, people weren't really as Halloweeny back then so we were lucky to get any kind of food, haha. I remember one year they gave my friends and I cranberry juice and breath mints...I used to dress up scarier but this year I was the cliche' sexy cop to celebrate being single for the first time since I was 15 (how did that even happen?!). Next year I want to bring out the fake blood and put crosses under my eyes for sure. 

What I've learned from hosting a Halloween party:
  • Phones, cufflinks, name badges, hats and minds get lost
  • Fashion students are always fashionably late but it's worth it because they make their outfits
  • Drunk people are ok as long as they are "steppin"
  • Fake spiderwebs are tough to get off of your clothes, hair and ceiling
  • Silly string will end up in people's faces no matter where you aim it
  • Your Dreamgirls performance video will never see the light of day
  • Behave because a person who emailed you about a job might be there
  • It's not a party until someone gets punched
  • Hout Bay Mense & Co will forever live on in people's hearts
  • Bruises and high heel pain come with the territory
  • People get locked in rooms and give up trying to find a way out
  • Alcohol and exercise machinery don't mix
  • Handcuffs will somehow end up on someone so remember where the key is
  • Falling asleep to the Bratz movie at 4am is ok 
All in all I'd say it was a success, I met two strangers this week who were telling me the stories they had heard about it which was fun to hear. Even if you were at a party, there always seems to be someone who has a hilarious tale to tell about something you didn't witness. I love my friends and it was so good to meet new people. Here's to a crazy Halloween next year! Have a lovely week. x

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