Vamp Clothing Accessories


I'm in love with one of the dopest local brands I've seen. Vamp Clothing is the modern, edgy, all around badass of South African fashion so I had to get my hands on the above 3 pieces. I can't get enough of evil eyes, I've always had one but it gets lost or breaks somehow. I was once told that the evil eye reflects people's behaviour towards the wearer back onto them. A kind of karma charm.

The reason I'm so passionate about this brand, which also offers some amazing clothing, is because their accessories speak to the young and reckless. I used to feel guilty about my over-indulgent accessories obsession until I quickly remembered why I keep on having to buy more. When you're really living in the moment, there are casualties. Your necklaces break while you're getting out of a cab, your rings fall apart backstage before you take your walk on the runway or you crunch new earrings with your high heels while being kissed by a boy who's just bad news. So really, there's never enough accessories.

If you've ever fallen asleep in bracelets and rings, loved how they tell a little story or just broken some rules, get your fix with Vamp Clothing. These babies were made with the wild in mind so you can get your crunk on without so much as a scratch to show for it.


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