PUMA Part 1


Playing around in the photobooth line
 Gorgeous US model Megan Lewis
Hanging with Ephraim and his dope designs
 The PUMA Creative Factory
Filling the fabric void in my heart
 The party switch actually worked..it's like Beetlejuice when you draw a door: magic!
 Natalie's cool tats
Trying to show off Essie Lilacism nails but everything is lilac
 FEDISA love
 Random photobomb guys with Puseletso and Rabi
 Jack Parow going cray cray

This time last week I went to the PUMA Social Club Launch and it was AMAZING. Yes, caps-worthy amazing. Puma Social Clubs all over the world are geared towards the "after hours athlete"; the creatures of the night with mean foosball skills whose victories are counted in collecting phone numbers. I love the concept.

So we get there and all the walls and pillars were designated chalking areas with little soap-holders holding different colour chalks so I was in heaven until I turned on my camera to find the battery dead. My right-hand man Michael went to get his camera leaving a guy to ask me for a table tennis match which I warned him was a terrible idea. I was whacking the ball while teetering on my high heels...it was brutal. He then suggested darts which I fared a little better at. I have to give props to PUMA, everyone received a drinking card with drink coupons and food vouchers for the boerewors and french fries outside. My kinda party. As if things couldn't get any more fun, there was a free photobooth with a prop box next to the bar. We were in love. Every event needs a photobooth!

Later in the evening they opened up the PUMA Creative Factory which showcased sneaker design from local heavyweights and featured a design table where you could play around on a touch screen cutomising your very own pair of PUMAS. The room was decked out in shoelaces, shoe moulds and various cut-off pieces which I loved, I was feeling all the fabrics and missing fashion school. A surprise performance by Jack Parow ended off the evening.

Next up I'm taking an in-depth look at the sneaker designs and Creative Factory in part 2! Many thanks to PUMA and Christine from Splash PR for a fantastic event.

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