Vintage Lifestyle Magazine


On the 4th, I went to the launch for Vintage Lifestyle Magazine at the charming Starlings Coffee Shop. Editor Nicole Danielle Warr gave a heartfelt speech and presented the issue. I am so impressed with this girl, at only 19, she's gone out and followed her passion which permeates through her work. In this age I know a lot of the magazine industry is about copy and paste, especially South African magazines. Earlier this year, 3 girls I know interned for 3 different magazines and were disheartened as they found that local titles mainly adapt content and shoots from international titles, leaving no room for originality. Vintage Lifestyle really fills this void beautifully. The core team is Nicole and her family joined by artistic friends to help with shooting and make up. This gives the magazine a real intimate, personal feel that you can't find in major publications. The mag covers everything vintage from fashion to travel to music. Personal touches like inspirational quotes at the bottom of the page enhance reading very nicely.

Vintage Lifestyle Magazine's concept is to look at how vintage enhances our modern lifestyle - the new with the old - to come up with a unique look or experience. Not only is it South Africa's first vintage magazine but it's South Africa's first online vintage magazine which is a perfect fit for their concept; juxtaposing technology with classic content. With interesting interviews, gorgeous fashion shoots and a platform for young bohemians, Vintage Lifestyle Magazine is a refreshing and ornate piece of art. 

To sum up, just how the article on LPs talks about how vinyl has a warmer and fuller sound, Vintage Lifestyle Magazine is a warmer, fuller read. Looking forward to the next issue! You can subscribe and read the first issue at

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