Elle New Talent Fresh Face Event


Angela Illing with sister Julie from The Little Black Book
Jackie Burger
With Jasna

With Fresh Face Winner Alexandra Robertshaw
With Natalie

Left this little post behind last year! These are pics from the actual Elle Fresh Face Event. I got to meet the fantastic Dylan Jack and Thulane, love meeting people from twitter and emails, finally get to put a voice to the text! Natalie and I drove to the event, singing along to the Mamma Mia Soundtrack and I was doing my make up last minute. 

The gift bag included a pair of sunnies and the January Elle magazine in an Elle tote perfect for the beach. I wore a little H&M red dress as well as H&M earrings the lovely up and coming designer Demet Karatas got me from her internship trip in LA. Friends in fashion are the best! The decor was beautiful and clean, it looked like the perfect studio to shoot winner Alexandra Robertshaw. I can't wait to see her working it on the April cover of Elle.

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