Confetti Crosses and Punk Pancakes



I'm in love with these giant cross earrings from Tokyolux, they're the perfect size and look killer with everything. I love getting things in the mail and more so when there's a confetti explosion to come with it. My cross obsession has gotten a bit out of control, I've even started twitpicing my friends' cross accessories. 

Tomorrow is a busy day full of appointments and on Friday (Friday, getting down on Friday) I leave for Joburg Fashion Week. I'm so excited, I'm going to be blogging like crazy covering the shows and then afterwards I'm taking a break at Sun City. I've been going for years and it makes me all nostalgic, you talk to people and almost everybody has been at least once. I'm pretty excited to stay at The Palace, never been, they're giving us some free nights with breakfast included so I'm gonna definitely wake up early for that! Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day but I never eat it, I need to find some 24 hour breakfast places. Harries Pancakes is amazing for pancakes whenever, I went last week. I gotta sync my Ipod and pack some books, flying freaks me out!

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