SA Fashion Week 2011 - Day 1


SA Fashion week kicked off with interesting geometric textures from Black Coffee. Black & white manipulated fabric framed xanthic tones with the metallic pieces standing out nicely. A conceptually sound and beautifully cohesive avant garde collection. It really grew on me the more I reviewed the photographs.

Most of my Amanda Laird Cherry pictures unfortunately ended up being extremely blurry but I got some pretty finale shots. She gave us minimalist comfort in soft neutrals.

Ephymol presented a nautical cruise wear range and everyone went wild for their underwear clad finale. That's when the fashion week party really started amongst the crowd. I adored their sleepwear which made me want to go snuggle one of the models and I'm not a muscles-loving girl so that silk fabric must have been seriously calling to me, haha.

Vesselina Pentcheva brought flowy Mexican-inspired flavour to the runway giving us gorgeously feminine and festive movement. The child wear was the perfect amount of pretty without being overly saccharine, which must be commended; I think it's a difficult task to do child wear very well. The Spanish music, flower headbands and models swishing their skirts with a smile rendered a delicate and joyful collection.

Reginald Molamu of Reggiestar sang for his own show and which was a fun lesson in colour-blocking party wear teaming corals and purples with dashes of satin and sequins. Reggie has a great voice, the show was enjoyable and I really need that floppy hat, stat.

Mertiques showed monochromatic cocktail wear accented with hints of lime green. The ladieswear had a pretty use of satin and lace but I really loved the menswear because I was just drooling over those suspenders and rosaries.

I loved Diamond Face Couture because the accessories and vibe were so killer. Superb styling (headphones, black lip stripes and dope sneakers that I know my girl Naledi would approve of) really amped up the funky feel of the show which gave us everything from swim wear and evening wear. I would love to rock this look, it's young, fun and full of attitude. How hot are those black high top sneakers with the cross detail?!

The opening and closing shows of Black Coffee and DFC respectively were my two favorites with Vesselina Pentcheva fulfilling my girly tastes. I'm loving fashion week so far and I can't wait to round all 3 days up with a comprehensive details post next week.

For photos of the entire collections of day 1, be sure to check out the Safashiongirl facebook page and "like" us if you want to stay updated ;) One night down, two more to go! x

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