You're so pretty when you're unfaithful to me


My mom and I love perfume, it's our joint guilty pleasure. For handbags: she's the real pistol. With shoes: I'm the culprit. With perfume however, we both commit some serious infidelity. My favorite thing is to pack one perfume for a trip, be it a weekend away with friends or a long holiday, because it becomes synonymous with your experiences. The Beat still reminds me of America in 2008 and Alien gives me first year Summer flashbacks. Even if you're a one fragrance woman, definitely get a light scent for day and a sexier one for night. 

Society tends to put women into one of two boxes; you are either frivolous or you're intelligent when really it's about embracing both. Enjoy the both the superficial and the profound; it's all part of the fun of being a woman. I rebelled against materialism when I was younger because I felt that appreciating aesthetics would make me seem like an airhead. But now I enjoy being really girly because we're all so much more complex than that. 

Allow yourself to enjoy the frivolous things and if people don't like it, sit in a bubble bath and throw a book on existentialism at em.

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