Blogger Buzz: Interview with Clayton Morar


I've been eager to interview autograph hunter and blogger extraordinaire Clayton Morar since I met him. Clay is fun-loving, hard-working and genuine so it's no surprise he's been enjoying a lot of success. With numerous television appearances, including his time on Tropika Island Of Treasure 3, he's quite the triple threat! I was lucky enough to have him share some of his celebrity experiences as well as his future plans.

What inspired you to become South Africa's Celebrity Expert and Autograph Hunter? 
Ever since I was 13 years old, I've been fascinated with celebrities, Hollywood and the glitz and glam of being in the public eye and it fuelled my dreams of wanting to become a journalist and meeting celebrities. As a result, I started collected autographs of famous people and because I have met so many celebs now, have collected 5300 autographs and because I've fostered very great relationships with talents in this industry, I feel I've become a social commentator on all this celebrity.

Who was the first celebrity you ever met? 
Former SA cricketer Kepler Wessels. He used to play cricket for Eastern Province while a member of the national cricket team and I got his autograph at a local cricket match in PE.

Who was the most recent?
Desmond Tutu.

In your opinion, who has the best autograph out of the celebs you've met? 
The celeb with one of the coolest handwritings has to be singer Keri Hilson. It's quite legible and she's very quirky too.

Which celebrity would you love to have dinner with? 
Mariah Carey and Beyonce. Oh and Mandela and President Barack Obama would be a treat as well.

Do you have any surprising celebrity experiences? 
Yes, meeting Mariah Carey was the highlight of my life. I expected her to be such a diva but she could see I was a fan and got her husband, Nick Cannon, to take our photo together. Also Matt Damon, was the most humble celebrity I've ever met. As for nasty experiences, I had very bad moments with both Lance Armstrong and John Legend. Both are very rude when fans approach them and they're quite egotistical.

How was your experience on Tropika Island Of Treasure 3? 
It was a whole lot of fun and I really enjoyed realising a dream of being on a reality TV show. I'm a reality TV addict and having the opportunity to play for R1 million was amazing. Shooting in Thailand was great, I made some new friendships and also solidified my existing friendship with former Miss SA, Tatum Keshwar – who also competed on the show. I was seen as a threat and a target from the beginning and despite this, I made it all the way to episode 6 out of 8.

What’s on your IPod at the moment?
Beyonce's I Am Sasha Fierce, Nicki Minaj Pink Friday, Daughtry, U2 and everything Mariah Carey.

How would you describe your style?
I'm very flashy when it comes to colours, as I believe clothes are an extension of one's personality. I dress for comfort yet with good taste that follows latest trends.

What trends do you favour for for Winter? 
I love polo necks and jackets, and I also enjoy jeans – no matter the season.

Do you have any style icons?
Justin Timberlake, Ryan Botha, Channing Tatum, Brad Pitt.

Is there one thing you would never wear? 
A bikini!

What's next for Clayton Morar?
I'm focusing on growing my website with the notion is become the go-to celebrity news website in SA as well as growing my presence on radio. I'm going to also be involved in a lots of behind the scenes production when my business partner, Domenico Deidda, with regards to social media and online marketing. Other than that, I'll be writing freelance articles for various national publications. 

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