Skirts & Sugar Skulls


So it's Winter now in Cape Town (or rather, it's schizophrenic weather slowly succumbing to Winter) but I just can't seem to put my skirts away on cold days. High waisted skirts, in particular, are my current fix because I've finally found a use for the late 90s/early 00s crop tops I've hoarded! Just when I thought I couldn't work them into my wardrobe anymore...along comes sexy and feminine cinched waist styles to balance them out. A little bit of vixen, a little bit of lady; perfect for every girl to embrace her light and dark sides.
All that's left is to invest in new stockings to take them through the season. I'm so clumsy with stockings, if I don't scratch a run into them while I'm putting them on, I'll end up snagging them with a ring before the day is out. I just go with it and cut in more holes for a deconstructed look but it's getting a bit too chilly for the holey, ripped tights. Sometimes they just get so destroyed that you can't even put them on anymore.

Maybe it's best to leave the bare legs and layer on a blazer or cute cardigan to dress it up or down respectively for the freezing days ahead. Either way, it's fun to be stubborn and find a way to make skirts work despite the chill. I made a little Day Of The Dead collage around this pretty rose-print skirt I found. Dia de los Muertos is another trend I can't get enough of, I think I daydream way too much about sugar skulls and floral chignon hairstyles...this year's Halloween get-up for sure. 

What are you going to be wearing this winter?

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