What I wore to SA Fashion Week: Day 2


Top - The Lot
Skirt - Space Station circa 1999 
Necklace - Misfit
Bangles - Claires
Ring - Diva
Shoes - Shoe Connection

On day 2 I felt right in the swing of things, I met Irvin (photographer) the day before and we kept each other spots. We sat down, talked about hip hop and then this guy shoved a microphone in my face while a video camera light blinded me. The guy obnoxiously asked where my seat was while they filmed me. I was allocated seated media but I just decided the best seat in the house was the photographers section at the end of the runway. The loudspeaker announced that people must refrain from stepping in front of photographers (bye bye mic guy) and the shows began. I snapped away after getting some advice from Irvin and overheard the other photographers chatter between models; "Here comes Skeletor again". 

You'd think the whole Fashion Week hotel living thing is glamourous but it's exhausting always being on the go and everything is work-related. I wanted to get some shopping in but no ways! I was becoming one of those people who make Blackberry calls as soon as they have a minute (gag me with a spoon). I did however, enjoy a drink at the amazing 70s style Circle Bar at my hotel that night. Each table is surrounded by beads all around and has a switch for changing the colours of the lights in the ceiling, so fun!

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