One of my all time favorite blogs/design duos/lifestyles is Di$count. The dollar sign is pre-Ke$ha, promise. Melbourne based designers, Nadia and Cami create, source, exhibit and sell items that I thought could only exist in fashion wonderland. Glitter, sequins, metal, mesh, tinsel, feathers and even soccer balls are just some of the tools they've used to create baddass avant garde garments.

Cami and Nadia's style is hard to beat, ergo they're who I want to be when I grow up. They famously sold their first cross safety pin tee (made tirelessly with their own blood, sweat and tears) for just $2 because their ideals about a luxury brand extend beyond what someone can afford to rather what someone will appreciate. Their online store is about to launch next week and they have limited one-of-a-kind pieces so get on it stat! Otherwise just check out their blog for their inspiring pictures, nighttime adventures and design diaries. 

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