Gimme an A


So, let's talk bra size. At La Senza a lady insisted that I get my bra fit professionally. I was kind of on the fence about it because once upon a time, I did get measured and that assistant must have been on crack because she gave me a letter that's reserved for my Afrikaans exam results....and Afrikaans isn't my forte. 

Some random Oprah episode is burned into my brain where the topic was finding your correct bra size and I kind of thought, puh-lease I'm an A and that's it - nothing to see here! But dammit whad'ya know, Oprah and La Senza lady were right. Getting the proper size really does wonders that I thought were only reserved for the lucky ladies with ample bosoms. I've always had a gaping problem because I have a small chest so I just assumed they didn't make push-ups that fit A-cups nicely. Turns out I had my back measurements wrong, I'm a 32A not 34/36 like I was wearing. It's the smallest size but when I went out wearing my complimentary bra my friends were like "Ooh girl?". I love being flat-chested (I never used to but that's another story) but it was fun to look like a B for a change.

So thanks La Senza (and Oprah?)!

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