So what do you think of these pumped up kicks? Earlier this month I attended the PUMA x Shelflife launch. I'm always excited for PUMA events because they go an extra mile in offering interactive entertainment and this one was no different. PUMA and Shelflife let guests enjoy tagging a 3D train, DJs, an open bar and even shriiipming (graffiti on girls). You can play all you want with paint rollers and gas masks while wearing a sequin fanny pack and no one kindly asks you to refrain from touching things even though you look a bit deranged. That's my kinda party.

So PUMA and sneaker, streetwear and graffiti store Shelflife unveiled their first collaborative footwear range of men’s and ladies sneakers at the launch. The collection includes a Suede Mid and Suede Lo style in both the men’s (Train Runner) and women’s (Laces and Ladies) sneakers.The PUMA x Shelflife Suede men’s collection is influenced by the colours and styling of the South African transit system and the graffiti featured on box-cars giving us details of paint dripping formstripes, two colour-lacing and hangtags featuring the South African Metro Map in the shape of the African continent.

I think it's a great concept and appreciate the unique South African flavour. If you're interested, you can check out Shelflife to order a pair.

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