Sweet, this gas mask matches my fanny pack


I thought I'd share what I wore when I went with my blogger friend David to the PUMA x Shelflife launch. The lovely Sam from Frills and Thrills interviewed me at the start of the month and I mentioned the tacky tack tack fanny pack and how I had an overwhelming urge to try and make it work. I remember the moment I saw it, I was in New York at the downstairs section of Patricia Field and the flamboyant cashier told me I had to stop taking photos of the sacred tranny heaven that is the store and then, I saw it. It was love at first sight. An entire clump of sequin fanny packs, from leopard print to stars & stripes and that's when I picked up the indigo baby in my arms, confident I could give it a new home in South Africa. I have an unhealthy addiction to fashion that seems so-bad-it's-good. Here's hoping it never goes away and I become a crazy old lady wearing several fanny packs at a time in some Vegas casino. 

An official video of the PUMA x Shelflife launch was released if you wanna take a gander. 

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