Decibel - New Fragrance by Azzaro


Azzaro is about to bring their new male fragance Decibel to our shores. This is what I imagine to be the leather jacket of fragrances, makes me think of wild freedom, rebelliousness and power. The badass bottle contains a sexy mixture of notes including Aldehydes, Green Italian Tangerine, Licorice, Violet, Incense, Haitian Vetiver, Tonka Bean and Vanilla. It's edgy and rock n roll, exactly what I want my boyfriend to smell like! For now I'm rocking it and you can get your hands on your own microphone starting 17 October, ranging from R250 to R695. 

Azzaro's Decibel to do list:
  • Free yourself from dictates, burst out of your straightjacket, express your feelings.
  • Break taboos, be excessive in your desires.
  • Take on a rebel attitude in the face of authority.
  • Rock your youth like a state of mind.
  • Live in a trance without fearing the decibels.
  • Become an icon, live this desired fame well. 
Sounds fun, I'm in. 

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