Photos by Paul Sutton

I met designer Katherina at Cape Town Fashion Week and she told me about her line Katema. It was founded in Cape Town in April 2011 and the name Katema is a combination of her first and middle name (KAThErina MAria). She was kind enough to talk to me about her inspirations and aspirations.

The Katema lady:
Katema sees it's customers as independent and strong women who know what they want and go for it. Katema's clients are not afraid to wear their very own style instead of trying to look like everyone else. Individuality is very important to the Katema Lady.

There is nothing more inspiring to me than sitting in a coffee house and watching people walking by. What are they wearing? Do they seem to be confident? Are they happy? How do they interact with others?  What seems to make them smile? Fashion should make you feel confident and happy. If I see things which seem to make people confident and/or happy I feel inspired. 

Why am I passionate about fashion:
Fashion was my passion before I even understood what the word ‘fashionable’ meant. I’ve always been very aware of how to dress myself. Even as a little girl. When I was about 4 years old I decided only to wear dresses and skirts and even those only in certain colours, which were (in my mind) very fashionable at the time.  And that’s what I did. My mom had no chance of getting me in a pair of pants until I considered them to be ‘trendy’ again. My love for fashion only grew stronger the older I got. Fashion to me is a way to be creative. Some people paint or write songs, I put fashion ensembles together.   

Where do I want Katema to go to in future:
Our trademark is leather. In fact Collection #1 only includes full leather garments but we’re planning on adding some more variety of fabrics in future collections to ‘spice’ it up a little. The main focus will remain on leather though and every single piece will include leather. Katema is a high class fashion label and this is exactly where I see it in the future.  Katema belongs next to labels like Gucci or Armani.

Where to get Katema:

Unfortunately there is no Katema shop yet – but we’re working on it ;) If you want to purchase one (or all) of our beautiful garments please contact us directly. Our number is 021 465 6729 or email info@katema.co.za. Katema is situated in Cape Town but we won’t hesitate to send your order wherever you are.

Check out Katema's Facebook Page to keep updated.

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