Pass that Dutch


September is upon us South Africans so that means it's finally Spring! This is an old moodboard from my college days; I'm not endorsing clogs. We had to assemble storyboards based on our heritage and my father's parents were Dutch. My original surname (my mom was, if we get married that's not gonna work) is something few people know but if you ever meet me I will glady entertain you with its atrocity. It's got too many "e"s - for real. I can't even spell it. 

Once upon a time I liked this Dutch guy for about a second and while we got to know each other I recited what little of the language I knew. He burst out laughing, "Who the hell taught you Dutch, it's terrible!?" I'm glad to report he's gone back home...with his funny surname haha!

What's your heritage?

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