What do you want to try before you die?


You know those cool things you only vaguely think about doing but you never actually do them? Those things in life that you file away on a mental bucket list? It's time to cross something off the list and do it. I recently started going to a pole dancing class with my cousin as part of our "Let's finally do the things we want to do" checklist and I was pleased to discover just how huge the pole dancing world actually is; championships, competitions, levels and qualifications with some intense gymnastic skills. It's not about entertaining some dudes in a stripclub anymore, although if that's your bag then keep on keeping on!

I do love the irreverence of female empowerment via embracing something sexy instead of shunning it. It's really been amazing, half of it is the fun tricks and endorphins but the other half is that sense of fulfilment from doing something that's completely foreign. The bruises are brutal and I've fallen on my ass but sometimes falling on your ass is just the ticket to climbing back up. So go out there today or tomorrow (no next week business) and do that thing you really want to do!

Care to share something that's on your bucket list?

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