I had lunch with some girlfriends at Hudsons on Kloof last Wednesday, it was hipster-spotting paradise! Saw a guy with a vest, scarf, sunglasses and fedora combo, extra points for the vintage Nikon camera strapped across his back. It's kind of charming to see a generation of guys being more attentive to dressing even if they begin to resemble clones, or as my cousin put it when asked about the streets pre-Kings Of Leon concert, "There's just guys in plaid with beards...and they are everywhere". I'll welcome any kind of trendwhoring if it's fun to look at. Fashion flamingos, yes please.

So after lunch, walking along Kloof turned into a spontaneous shopping spree for a new summer wardrobe. My wallet hates me but my closet is very happy. I'll also admit there's a little hipster inside me...I mean I'm loving these studded shorts right here. Oh god and check it I totally have a feather ear piece hahaha. Tumblr called, they want Coachella 2010 back. 

This is one of the outfits I got from The Lot, I have to take some pictures of the rest of the swag soon. I'm very excited for the warm weather, I need a change of season!

Is there a little bit of hipster in you?

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