Some extra pics from the VAMP short film launch last month courtesy of Diary Of Ward and We-Are-Awesome. I enjoy making a fool of myself. Lately I've been dreaming about a new camera lens, acquiring more pole dancing bruises, braaing with friends, answering interview questions, updating my fashion illustration blog, returning emails and watching some new series. 

Sometimes it seems like when you begin a new hobby, you suddenly see it everywhere. I guess it's because you're more receptive to it so it seems like it's following you around? Insert one of the strangest nights of all time including: watching guys wipeout on a pole, being dipped on a stage by a complete stranger, getting shot at with a novelty gun, giving impromptu spin tips, having a German guy pushed into our table, insisting I'm not Holly Valance (wut), running into people I haven't seen in ages and randomly predicting the appearance of "Lemon Tree" on a playlist moments before it was played.

Life is just full of surprises, as soon as you're expecting to have a calm night out with your friend, craziness ensues...probably because you never invited it. It's just like the bus theory; as soon as you're not waiting for a bus, they'll arrive in droves. I've recently been planning my Halloween costume by asking myself important philosophical questions like: do blood and glitter go together? I'm gonna go with yes. I can't wait to dress up and I proposed the idea of getting pancakes the next morning in full-costume. Any excuse to continue being dressed like a weirdo and I'll take it.

Are you dressing up for Halloween?

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