Glamour: Romy and Michele inspiration


When Glamour called and asked about a stand-out movie fashion moment, Romy and Michele came straight to mind. I've posted about them before because I used to have this movie on constant repeat during my pre-teens. It's just one of those feel-good, celebrate-who-you-are flicks that you can watch time after time. Like Romy and Michele, I didn't have the best time in high school, I was mocked mercilessly for having an American accent, had gum spat in my hair, found words placed on my back and got shoved in the hallways among other things. So if anyone reading this is being bullied I want you to know that one day things are going to be ok, they're going to be even more than ok, you have no idea. 

We all know bullies are fueled by unhappiness, insecurity and jealousy. I know, the whole jealousy thing is something your mom tells you to make you feel better right? That's what I thought but I found out that as usual, mom is right on this. Let me tell you, you won't even imagine the things people are jealous of; things about you that you don't even think are that interesting, things you might not even like! Use the negative nancys to your advantage and let them motivate you, it's the exact opposite of what they want. Hate poisons bullies and they lose in the end, I know this from being glared at from the back row at fashion shows. They don't understand the power of self-respect; there's nothing wrong with being in the back row if you believe in yourself, there's nothing wrong with being in the back row period! In life we all go from the back to front row and back again constantly, it's a complete roller coaster of ups and downs. We're all equal, we're all human. The most important thing is to believe in yourself because then you can achieve whatever it is that you dream of.

Special thanks to Hannah and the rest of the Glamour team, I'm so excited to be featured in the November issue, a complete dream come true!

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