Puma Sakina M’sa Bag


Finally I get to tell you guys about the latest PUMA news, I've just been running around so much lately that I haven't had a second. I gotta say that I love PUMA, they always keep things fresh and do some great collaborations, the latest one being with French fashion designer Sakina M’sa. PUMA and Sakina worked together to create this iconic electric blue arm candy, combining the traditional style of the PUMA Grip Bag with with M’sa’s hallmark, the ‘Bleu de Travail'; the typical French street worker outfit.

You'll find beautiful finishing touches on every bag; premium leather grip handles and trims, three co-branded hanging antique gold spanners and a blue leather luggage tag including a small leaflet about the Sakina M’sa story. Furthermore there are subtle inside surprises; an endearing message to the buyer about this special bag and a portrait of a French worker wearing the actual ‘Bleu de Travail'. Each bag is handcrafted and all pieces are one of a kind. With only a limited number of bags, one hundred globally, the Sakina Grip Bag represents an exclusive piece of sports fashion.

The PUMA Sakina M’sa Grip Bag, retailing at R2599, is available to purchase from the PUMA store in Canal Walk Shopping Centre  with limited numbers available.

Recycled uniforms, chic, practical and French? Very cute investment. I'll be posting some more photos from the launch soon!

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