Baby, you ain't lookin right


I love this coat I got from Zara a few years ago, it's always makes me feel super glamourous, hehe. Sorry about some of the blurriness, the photos were taken at night with a slow shutter speed. Speaking of blurry photos, while photoshopping the other day, my computer went crazy and I found out it had been infected with the System Check Virus...brutal! It hides all of your files to scare you into purchasing some phony anti-virus software so I'm just using my laptop until I get it fixed. 

Gotta buy an external, copy all of my photos and music then it looks like re-installing Windows :( I don't want to because I can't find some of my old install discs. Lately I've been obsessed with Instagram, looks like I might be joining the iPhone crew even though my friends insist it's all about Android. Can't make up my mind! Are you on Instagram? I'm looking for some people to follow, let me know.

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