The year that was...


Life goes by so fast, it's difficult to actually comprehend how much really happens in a year. I was glad to say goodbye to 2011 before I realized that it wasn't all that bad. There was tragic loss within my family but I'm so appreciative of the positives last year brought fourth. Our harshest critic is always ourselves so we should try to focus on the things we're grateful for.

Now when I think of 2011 I'll remember that it was the year I began being featured in magazines, was invited to amazing fashion shows and had the pleasure of attending events where I got to hang with my media pals and drink champagne. Not too shabby from that angle! I look forward to new adventures and I'm excited. We don't need New Year's resolutions because every day is a chance to change things!

Thanks to Jasna, Natalie and Paul Ward for extra photos and thank you to everyone who checks out the blog, cheers to 2012!

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