February playlist


Playlist for writing in books, drinking Dr Pepper, wearing huge hats, dachshund handshakes, looking out of the window, shielding the sun from your eyes, playing Jenga, stolen giggles with a shy boy, holding hands, walking along a ledge, zoning out with Angry Birds, buying new shoes, hugs from your parents, long exposure photography, vintage carousels at night, whipped cream from the can, daydreaming, deleting old contacts, waking up with friends, early morning cafe breakfasts, booking a trip to Europe, spritzing hairspray, misty bathroom mirrors, sketching on an iPad, tight morning cuddles, getting bruises from pole fitness, feeling the wind whoosh by the car window, hair swept to one side, pale lipstick, fairy lights, long kisses, staying in bed all Sunday, waking up with raccoon eyes, webcam serenades, high heels breaking and late night swims that wake the neighbours.

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