Flamingo Hangover


Flamingo Hangover

It's been really hot in Cape Town this month! This is my ultimate Saturday morning get up complete with creature comforts and bikini bottoms for when it's time to have a refreshing afternoon swim. I'm obsessed with the flamingo slippers so I'm going to order them and walk around my house like a loon.

It's been a bit of a mad week so far, I cut myself pretty badly in pole class with a sharp heel, bleeding in public is not comfortable or chic...aah the perils of fashion! I'm just looking forward to burying myself in work tomorrow. Life is sort of like a closet that gets filled to the brim and you have to keep clearing it out to make room for new clothes but you will never have an empty closet because there's always another thing that needs hemming or throwing out. The hardest part of completing tasks are the first few steps, once you have the tools out, it seems to force you into motion. 

Now, where to start?

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