Light up


 Photos by Bryn De Kocks

These photos were taken at the Waterfront a little while ago. Carousels are so pretty. I love the vintage look of them and the twinkling lights dotted all around; like an ornate music box come to life. So in between plans, emails and phone calls I've been doing a little more online shopping. I ordered a bunch of fashion books at about 3am after finishing a novel and now I've been tempted yet again after checking out cartilage earring studs from Fresh Trends. I'm loving different sorts of accessories lately. I'm finally going to get some free time so I'm looking forward to geeking out and I'll be sharing new Puma and Gap events with you guys soon.

I'm starting to put a priority on finding ways to relax and really appreciating things, making time to ride the proverbial carousel. I think stress and daily routines really change the way we view our surroundings. It's so pervasive that it's difficult to see it as a problem and make a concerted effort to focus on life's beautiful moments or experiences. Whenever I feel at ease, my perceptions change and things that used to upset me no longer do. It's really liberating so I'm trying to find a complete sense of calm as a foundation but life is funny...the more you chase things, the more it seems to elude you, it's kind of amusing. 

Being completely honest with oneself is difficult because we all have changes we're dying to make which aren't as easy as flipping a switch. I want to switch my lights on, no more dimming, time to focus on me. I think we all need to turn around once in a while and ask, am I being true to myself or am I putting myself second? It's a classic mistake, a very easy trap to fall into. So do you! Show some self-love and have a great weekend everyone.

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