Nine Inch Nails


 Pic of my nails by Bryn De Kocks

Ok here's the sitch, we're talking about nails. I love nails because I love details and nails have finally started to get really exciting. I remember growing up in the 90s, flipping through teen magazines seeing complete editorials about nails. There were the mix and match ones; alternating two contrasting colours on different nails, there were rhinestones applied to Y2K metallic nails and there was the black-tipped take on the french manicure. I remember seeing some MTV interview with Pink where she had corset-ribbon nail art going on and I was hooked. People started to get belly piercings but I wanted nail piercings...where do you get nail piercings in South Africa? I don't know so I had to attempt it myself. It wasn't pretty, my nails were never long enough so the old necklace loops I used worked one time but they kept falling out. Long story short I spent many nights trying to paint and glue things onto my cuticles but it was a MESS. 

Now with Minx, nails kits, Shellac, stickers, magnetic nail polish and Kawaii nail images making the rounds on the internet, nails have never had such a vast array of options. It's like the 20s for flappers except for nails - only, I still think a corset nail would be amazing and flappers threw their girdles in fires and drove away on motorcycles. Don't quote me on that. Oh actually you can, I just googled "flappers on motorcycles" - it's legit. Since we're talking nails, we have to talk rings to set the look off. I quite like the idea of having crazy nails and pairing them with less busy jewelry, ghetto nails with a classic twist. I'm into it. So which nail trends are you favorite? I think the velvet ones are amazing! Oh I am a total Trent Reznor fan if you were wondering, And All That Could Have Been was my spirit animal in high school.

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