Sass Diva


This post is long overdue, pretty much every accessory I wear is from Sass Diva. I have way too many but I always keep going back for more! Addicted, obsessed, you name it - I need a Diva intervention. It's not just me, whenever I go to an event and the conversation turns to accessories we all talk about how much we love their stuff. They get new stock in all the time and they're always bang on trend. Whatever you're looking for, Diva has your back; when I was searching hopelessly for rosaries, Diva was there. When I wanted to invest in a harness or an anklet, they had them. I don't even want to know how much I've spent since Sass Diva came to our shores! They're going to have to put my photo up in their stores and tell people not to let me in, hehe.

So these are my latest buys, I'm really into piling on bracelets and mixing metallic with neon, what are your must-haves at the moment?

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