Triumph with You. Amplified.


Triumph has given itself a complete makeover with their brand new Spring/Summer 2012 collection. I love Triumph, it's one of the few underwear brands that actually fits me. Sometimes when I'm shopping, it seems like bras are made for naturally perfect or surgically-sculpted Cs which would be awesome, if I had them! Luckily I get to be an A+ Firecracker with Triumph's Maximizer and for my larger cup size sisters, become a Bombshell – delight in swirling embroidery, cute bows and fancy straps – part of a collection of flattering lingerie styles designed to make customers feel confidently sexy.

With the Triumph 2012 Spring/Summer collection, women can step out in sophisticated Everyday essentials to transform into a Live Wire with double the pleasure and value in co-ordinating twin packs offering supreme function, fit and look. Triumph also celebrates confident High Fliers this season with their latest in innovative shapewear, offering natural contour enhancement with maximum support and control for smoothing and slimming.

The Triumph woman for the 21st century is freed of inhibitions, bursting with confidence and living in another dimension. There is nothing sexier than a woman who dares to be herself.

So, who are you, a Firecracker, Live Wire, Bombshell or High Flier?  Check out for more information.

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