Fashion maths


Skull top - Brandy and Melville
Pants - Cotton On
The Kills top - Brandy and Melville
Leather shorts - The Lot
Unicorn crop top - The Lot
American shorts - Runway Dreamz

I was planning festival outfits for Natalie a few days ago for her trip to Johannesburg. I love my cousin's style, when we combine wardrobes it's just magic. Natalie's a one necklace woman and I respect that, I'm a terrible cheat when it comes to accessories. However we both love cuff earrings, I still owe her a pair for our trip to Coachella next year. This week I attended the Red Bull Red Monday event with my friend Paul. They launched their new Blue, Silver and Red Editions which are Blueberry, Lime and Cranberry respectively. The party was amazing but I could not sleep afterwards haha. I also finally got my hands on Red Hot Chili Pepper tickets and I'm going to be starting Pole again soon. I can't wait to get back into exercise, so glad I found something I actually enjoy!

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