Scar tissue


I just found these photos from an earlier weekend this month at the Bitches Must Know party. I love the Cape Town night life and the BMK crew are such fun. Thanks to Diary of Ward for the images. Was obsessed with Nicci's backpack, girl has amazing style. I was recently given the loveliest Chanel cuff that my mom saw me eyeing while we were in Venice this year, don't wanna take it off!

I've been having such great times with my friends that it should be illegal. This past weekend was filled with amazing chaos, I'll remember it forever. I met up with old friends, went to a beautiful wedding, had a killer time at the Loeries after party with all of the cool booths, danced to great music with new friends and then finished it off by watching a band on the rooftop of the Grand Daddy Hotel followed by dinner with friends. Long weekends are just perfect, I wish we had more of them! 

I try to live completely in the moment but I can't help but be anxious as well, I always start to think of something to worry about. I hate that feeling, being so happy that it freaks you out. I guess after my gallbladder surgery I'm just a little paranoid about how fragile life really is. I've also had some keloid scarring with the surgical incisions, sometimes I hate seeing them when I look in the mirror because just last year they didn't exist. But enough of the silly pity party and no more worrying about hypothetical futures, time to get back to work in the present :)

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