Shoe fight


Creepers: God you guys are moronic.

Nightwalks: Yeah, because glow-in-the-dark laces are so practical.

Creepers: Hey, I resent that, my laces are bad ass!

Hellbounds: HAH please! Check out these babies, mine will take yours any day.

Creepers: Shut up, you can't even drive.

Hellbounds: I can still grip much better than the Jeffreys, I might drive, they have no chance.

Damsels: There is no way you will ever drive.

Geigers: What does it matter? Driving is for crust punks.

Spiked Creepers: Are you insulting me?

Geigers: I can't believe I share a characteristic with you.

Damsels: Oh, is that how it is G? I suppose you think you're all that with your gold and gems.

Geigers: Please Damsel, I don't want to argue with you, Creeps' spikes are just so pedestrian, and the name is Carvela.

Spiked Creepers: Fuck this, I'm leaving.

Nightwalks: Can we just calm down? I'm tired of things being so unstable.

Creepers: That's what Sheri said when she wore you.

Hellbounds: Oh snap!

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