What's the 411, what's the hot gossip?


Top - Wildfox
Safety pin dress - The Lot
Long necklace - Gabrielle
Bobbin necklace - Misfit
Sewing necklace - The Lot
Ring and bracelets - Sass Diva

These photos are from last summer when I was still bleaching the hell out of my hair and my lovely cousin Jay gave me this comfy Wildfox tee. It's the perfect no-fuss baggy top to put on when you're in a rush. I'm so excited for the weather to start getting hot so I don't look like a bundled up weirdo, just a regular weirdo :) I always joke with Raya that she needs to teach me how to layer for winter, girl knows how! Up next, a post on street style from my summer in Europe.

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