Disposable Camera Diary - Halloween


Developed my latest disposable camera recently, these are some photos from Halloween. All of the celebrations were the weekend before the 31st of October so I wasn't as prepared as I would have liked but no matter. After watching some American Horror Story I laid down on the bathroom floor, got my cousin to splatter fake blood over an old dress that didn't fit, put on the palest foundation I own and tried to invent a back story for my ghost character. 

"Stuck in the Middle" was playing at the venue and I kid you not, as soon as that line about "jokers to the right" played on the speakers, we spotted a guy called JP in joker make up. We eventually ended up on stage with everyone else that was dressed up, Jac found himself wearing someone else's mask and I used up the rest of the film in my camera. This Halloween I got 4 groups of trick-or-treaters and some of the streets were packed with parents taking their children out. It was delightful to see. I've read a few people complaining that it's an American disaster of a holiday and we need to find our own identity as South Africans. I say, dress up like a weirdo and enjoy :)

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