FEDISA Graduate Collection Show 2012


The FEDISA Graduate Collection Show is now cemented as one of my highlights of the events season. Every fashion lover receives a dose of the avant garde aesthetics that we yearn for, later progressing into mainstream prêt-à-porter. For example, how lovely is Kirsty Regasto's two-tone men's shirt? The graduate students were on trend as this year saw many elegant high-low skirts and dresses, sweet pastels and a dash of dark velvet. 

Alexandra Quarmby offered sophisticated Parisian chic, Georgina Goullee is a master with fringing, I adored the Dia De Los Muertos vibe of Anri Loots' range and I'd wear Chelsea Petersen to any event; that cut-out button stand was so charming. Nikita Wright's concept was fantastic, transporting us through the Seven Chakras - the Crown Chakra translating into a cute purple bikini. There are many more students to mention as my alma mater runs a tight ship, I saw some coats and corsets executed very well, I'm looking at you Natasha Holmes and Wendy Irwin.  

One is always left feeling very hopeful about the state of fashion in South Africa. I was seated next to Elle Online and heard only positive comments. Thanks to the FEDISA team for another fabulous evening filled with something for everyone. Do check out all of the photos on Facebook to see more.

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