Late night fast food


Late night fast food

You know the drill, we're talking about dancing the night away, getting up on your friend's shoulders at a concert, singing along at the top of your lungs, taking ridiculous photos, running into friends, stealing hats, meeting new people and inevitably getting some junk food before falling asleep in your accessories. The time has come for some late night summer chaos after exams. These last few months of 2012 are going to be packed with laughs, smiles and a misplaced phone or two. In fact one has already been lost, RIP B den's Samsumg Galaxy S3. 

Lately I've been going to fashion shows, answering emails and catching mid-week movies with friends. It was fantastic to go out and enjoy my customary concert beer while watching Linkin Park after my kidney trouble last month. I was scheduled to be on Expresso again but I unfortunately found myself in hospital instead. There's some pros though, my fear of injections is completely gone, I got to try out some comedic material with the nurses (hospitals are still a tough crowd) and I'm 100% healthy. 

Next week I'll be AFashionFriend's latest Guest Flogger until the end of November where I'll be sharing my sunglasses DIY as well as some street style from my summer in Europe, can't wait!

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