These days hashtags evolve into trends; someone tweets about a leather jacket with barnacles replacing studs and the next thing you know, kids on Tumblr are dying their hair turquoise and wearing dolphin tees with varying degrees of seriousness. Seapunk has blown up online this year, created from a collective internet moodboard of sounds, textures and images. Think oceanic aesthetics, metallic fabrics, aqua colour ways, yin yangs and bindis with 90s dance meets Crystal Castles providing the soundtrack. Elements of this look were seen in the beautiful Chanel SS13 Resort collection.

While the seapunk movement is argued over, mocked or adored, I prefer to merely take inspiration from this hot mermaid mess. Since it’s summer, I thought it would be a fun wave to catch; sewing hashtags together to create fishnets IRL. I just found some perfectly tacky 90s necklaces in my childhood bedroom drawers for this. Will this summer see you adding some seapunk touches to your current wardrobe?

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