Dance till you die


From Euro-pop dance hits peaking on American charts to movies like Project X to Tumblr images of alcohol-infused stupidity emblazoned with YOLO in obnoxious glitter; society is stamping its wrists and handing everyone lumo paint as we are lead into the most epic party of our lives. 

History was my favorite subject (thanks to a brilliant history teacher) and we were always taught to question everything. I love being young, I love raising hell - I love climbing onto boats in the harbour and then running from security guards when we're discovered. But my skepticism flares up, this mass media onslaught promoting complete surrender of accountability seems like such a distraction. From what? The shitty economy? Governments? Floundering education systems everywhere from USA to home sweet home which can then be blamed on the irreverent nature of the youths themselves? All our fault now, neat and tidy, done and dusted, we are to blame. 

Now I know I'm taking the cynical, suspicious and jaded route but I remember when studying the French Revolution, something that forever stuck with me was that the government were weary of the educated philosophers. The smarter your society, the more difficult they are to control and rule. It's no wonder conspiracy theories are so popular in the United States where Uncle Sam has been donning beer hats and mardi gra beads then eating organic vegan food to cure the hangover, choosing everything from a vast array of seemingly limitless options. We are so numb now - always looking for the next thrill from the overload of fast, convenient selections. The excess of food, sex and drugs that we have at our disposal is frankly overwhelming so we barely appreciate anything anymore. Nothing is special because no person or thing seems irreplaceble. If it weren't the US leading us in this direction, it would merely be the next successful capitalist country so I'm not about to demonize a template.

But I do feel that this unabashed era of the Snooki reiterates; the less responsible, skilled or educated we are, the better it is for people in power. There is no threat to Western governments if the majority will unite for dancing flash mobs and the minority for revolutionary protests. Absolute power is never good and being too sure of oneself will always be dangerous for others. I believe we're at a time where there are some clever, delightful changes being used to mask ugly secrets. What archaic horrors will continue behind this feel-good liberal facade? Rich old white men will still oppress this world with their fat wallets. Pharmaceutical companies will still benefit from illness. Someone, somewhere will be paid for their silence and we will all continue being too busy to worry about any of it.

I know a lot of us are actually just tired of the status quo of getting a job and slowly dying in an office so I'm all for exploration and finding happiness but in terms of this post's tone, I digress.

How do you feel about the conspicuous global party culture?

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