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So I might be a fashion girl but we all know that make up is very important to the overall look. Ever since I'd read about the wonders of BB Cream and how obsessed the Eastern market was with it, I couldn't wait to try it. I've got sensitive, dry, pale skin and it's been difficult to find a foundation I love. They're either too thick, too orange or they settle in my pores...not a good look. I'm sure you've heard of the several promises of BB Cream, it's an all-in-one product which is supposed to give you coverage, luminosity, sun protection and moisture to name a few.

Well, I tried out Maybelline's BB Cream while I was in the UK and I fell hard for it. Unfortunately, I haven't seen it here and I needed to replace it with the next best thing so I went to Clicks and bought the three brands of BB Cream that they stock and I had a testing session. Who better to share the results with than you guys? Check out the photos and reviews by clicking for more below!

 Natural Light

First I tried out Rimmel's version and I wasn't particularly impressed. I don't know how other people have found it but it coagulates strangely for me. It's basically Jessa from HBO's Girls in BB Cream form - your flaky British friend who you know you shouldn't rely on. Before I could get adequate coverage, I had little flakes forming on the surface after applying it. The colour would have been perfect for me since it caters to those super pale English roses but it also has a definite scent to it and isn't the largest tube. Not for me.

Next I tried out Revlon and I found it much better. The coverage is quite light but I like that because you can always apply more to make it darker. It goes on very smoothly, the packaging is my favorite and the consistency is oilier than Rimmel's but trust me, that's a good thing. It looks warmer than the others but this cooperates with the soft density. Light bounces off of it beautifully and best of all, I couldn't smell any fragrance so that's always good because my boyfriend could always tell when I'd used my Maybelline BB Cream.

Lastly I tried Garnier and I like this as well; the tube is the biggest, it felt very hydrating going on and the coverage was great. I need to use it a few more times to decide between choosing Revlon or Garnier for my go-to cream but I'm quite happy with either. I know that Garnier caters for darker skin tones with their BB Cream which is a huge plus. My best friend has been using Garnier and she said her skin has been unbelievable since starting it. There is a scent to this one but I did the boyfriend test AKA kissing and hounding him to tell me what he thought of the smell and I got no Maybelline reaction with any of the creams.

So which BB Cream do you think you'll be getting? I'm telling you they are life-changing; you get this radiant, healthy glow without having to contour. I never want to use any foundation again!

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