Disposable Camera Diary - Cape Town's Holi One Festival


If there's one scenario that calls for the use of disposable camera, it's this one! Wow. What can I say? As soon as I saw the Holi One Festival was coming to Cape Town, I couldn't wait to go. I just love the chance to try something different and I remember seeing images of Holi being celebrated in New York so last weekend I threw on a white dress in anticipation of being covered with a kaleidoscope of beautifully pigmented powders.

Having said this, I really respect Indian culture and I understand that people have criticized the event as the commercialization of a religious holiday. I know that this holds weight with traditionalists despite the organizers stating that it is merely inspired by Holi so I offer my apologies if anyone believes the festival was misguided. I prefer to celebrate the positivity and love that permeated the atmosphere and it's encouraged me to learn more because I've always found Eastern philosophy to be intriguing.

I had such an amazing day getting colourful, what an experience!

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