Tommy Hilfiger Launch


My initial memory of the Tommy Hilfiger brand was being given one of my first fragrances in the late 90s; the much-loved Tommy Girl. I still have the bottle in my mirrored cabinet opposite my childhood bedroom, haha. So last week Wednesday, the first Tommy Hilfiger store opened at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town. Local celebs donning the apparel flocked to the shop near the other luxury boutiques to enjoy the in-store event. The clothes are traditionally preppy and athletic; standard garb for a day on a yacht or at the country club. Sophisticated suits and dresses are available for evening festivities, you'll catch a peek in the photos below - Jen Su was wearing a cute colour block shift while showing me her cute clutch. The classic nautical fashions were paralleled by charming maritime decor. Accessories such as bags, scarves, footwear, sunglasses and watches were enticingly placed. Props to the visual merchandising department!

Fun touches to the launch included an embroiderer sewing initials or names onto guests' Tommy beach blankets, goodie bags of men and women's sunglasses and a photographer snapping away before printing the photos for the attendees to keep. Check out the rest of the launch below and on Facebook. Also check out The Little Black Book's Facebook page for more.

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