Topshop Cape Town Launch


Ok you guys, it's taken me a week to post about Topshop because I have been awestruck. AWESTRUCK with the fact that we have a Topshop. There's only 4 in America and we have 3 now! Hell yeah, that's how South Africa rolls. The Cape Town opening at the V & A Waterfront was seriously one of the most anticipated events for me and the people camping outside wouldn't argue with my excitement. I never would have dreamed I would go to the launch of one of my favorite international brands. They have everything a girl could want in a shopping experience; accessories, make up and of course, clothing to die for. 

Listen, we're in between seasons right now so I wasn't bowled over with the initial garment stock that they had on display for the night but I know from going to the sale in Johannesburg that they offer exactly the same quality collections as they do in the UK. The pricing can be a little intimidating but I feel that it's a case of getting what you pay for; on-trend key pieces that you can wear again and again. Whenever I shop, I think about how often I would wear an item in question and then decide if it's viable to purchase. So with Topshop, I know I'm getting a good deal and if I'm not sure about a piece, I'll just wait for one of their amazing sales. 

Getting back to the media launch night, I loved the cute bralets, amazing accessories and the men's Tumblr-esque sweaters...also, please can someone buy their boyfriend the sugar skull underwear? Long story short; I'm going to be perpetually broke. The store is a fantastic size and the event featured a sweet treats table, delicious drinks and discounts for all of the guests. Topshop also offers a personal shopping service which is very exciting. Check out the evening's festivities, my purchases and the cute gift bag in the photos below and on Facebook. How excited are you for a Topshop trip?!

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