Adriaan Kuiters and Take Care A/W



Here's a little peek at Take Care and Adriaan Kuiter's winter collection at their shared store. Both brands complement eachother with great tailoring and classic key items. I liked the texture present in Adriaan's collection (more men need fuzzy sweaters if you ask me) as well the utilitarian hooded shirts. My favorite garment was an interesting shirt in his lookbook that was printed with industrial pattern block text.

Skermunkil's jewellery caught my eye with their delicate and minimalist shape necklaces that will garnish any outfit in a chic manner, I'm a big fan! Finally Take Care gives us luxe ready-to-wear with beautiful waterfall cut jackets and their use of silks, cashmere and wool for a warm winter. Check out the Store at 73 on Kloof Street before a cosy dinner. Maybe winter is looking delightful after all.

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